Wunder Fund is a global proprietary trading firm. Since 2014 we provide liquidity at many exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Our daily trading volume is ~$8 000 000 000


You create profitable high frequency trading strategies. We pay you 50% of your strategies' profits.

We think it's only fair.


Huge amount of meticulously saved market data

A team of intelligent individuals for collaboration

Fast infrastructure for minimal latencies

Fast, well designed and extremely accurate backtest

Top fee tiers


How exactly is profit sharing structured?

What if the strategy loses money?

Who will own the IP?

What exchanges do you trade on?

What instruments do you trade on?

How much capital can you allocate for my strategy?

How large is Wunder Fund?

Only crypto?

Where are you based?

Do you trade at exchange X?

What is the payment schedule?

How accurate is your backtest?

Do you pay any fixed salary?

Can you help me with a visa in country X?

Will I work alone or in a team?

What is the onboarding process?

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