Wunder Fund

Wunder Fund is a global proprietary trading firm. Since 2014 we provide liquidity at many exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have a lot of interesting and challenging tasks for the inspired researchers and engineers.

Quantitative Researcher

HFT50% profit sharing
$0 — $+inf

A bit about the company

Wunder Fund is an HFT firm, we trade on both crypto and classical exchanges. Since 2014 we provide liquidity at many exchanges in Europe, Asia and Americas. Our daily trading volume is ~$4,000,000,000.

Who this job offer is for

We are looking for individuals with experience in developing high-frequency trading strategies and launching them into production. If your background is in intraday trading or longer-term strategies, this offer may not be suitable for you.

Perks of working with us

  1. Huge amount of meticoulusly saved market data in a unified format
  2. Fast, well designed and extremely accurate backtest
  3. A team of intelligent individuals for collaborative discussions
  4. Special agreements with exchanges for minimal commissions
  5. Fast infrastructure for minimal latencies


  • The researcher receives a 50% share of the profits from their strategies
  • Income depends only on your results. Compensation growth is limited only by laws of physics.
  • You'll work in a team of graduates from top universities
  • Remote work. If desired, you will be compensated a coworking membersip of your choosing.

How to apply

You could apply here below or drop us a line at [email protected]