What we do

Wunder Fund is a global quantitative investment firm.

Currently, we provide liquidity at 9 exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and the number is growing.

We trade a wide range of financial products: equities, futures, options, bonds, currencies. But our specialities are futures trading and option pricing. In 2017, we produced $200m of trading volume at the exchanges and different products we trade all around the world.

9 exchanges

data centres in which we are located


daily trading volume across all asset classes


employees at WUNDERFUND


Our research teams find the inefficiencies in financial markets. Some of the inefficiencies are basic, but the others are hard to find. Researchers use statistics, sophisticated ML models and deep learning on a daily basis.


We heavily rely on IT infrastructure. The developers create and enhance our trading platforms, making the latencies as small as they can be. They constantly refine research infrastructure, making the research team much more effective.

Join us

We are always looking for the prodigies, both mature professionals and students.

Since 2014, we are focused on the high frequency trading, and it still is the very core of our business. But since then we've grown and expanded our interests to intraday trading and crypto-economy. A lot of new tasks have emerged and now we need the top-notch colleagues — researchers, developers, engineers and more.

Our Benefits

We are a small, tight-knit team, so you'll become an important part of it from the start. The one and only important thing is the results — so as long as the job is done, you won't have to be here 9 to 5.

High frequency trading is a permanent competition of the world's best developers and mathematicians. With us, you can engage in this fascinating struggle.

  • High-tech area

  • Non-trivial tasks

  • A small team of smart people

  • Cosy office at the city center

  • Flexible hours

Contact Us

  • Belorusskaya metro st., Moscow, Russia